Inner Peace,

Outward Success

Two Trips Every Year

April - May
October - November

​    ​Join Skydiving World Champion, Coach & Mentor,  Omar Alhegelan in an introspective  journey of discovery while  trekking in the Himalayas.   

    Free yourself from the chains & impediments that have stood between you & your success. 

    Be the person you've always dreamt of being!  

    Dream… Dream Big & learn how to follow your dreams for true inner happiness and Understanding of how You Create your own reality!

    As a corporate team building expedition or a Personal Breakthrough  adventure; let yourself be guided by a Self Actualization Architect towards your True goals.  

    Learn how to cleanse your past, get rid of those limiting beliefs and learn the language & communication skills  that will help you set true goals & achieve them. 

    Let Omar guide you physically & spiritually in this quest of self improvement.  
    A mixture of Behavioural-Science,  personal motivational stories & metaphysics, will be some of the tools that you will learn to use for your Ultimate Transformation; your ultimate  Paradigm Shift!

   The end of this odyssey ; or should I say the start of your new life will begin with a HALO Tandem skydive from 25,000ft surrounded by the majestic Himalayan Peaks. (No previous Skydiving experience needed!)  Namaste!